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Corporate Management Solutions for Contract, Freelance and Contingency Workers RPO & CMO Solutions


Your Agency or service Provider must ensure all contingency workers have this and they must also provide blanket Insurance in case of an out of date policy.
You will often hear the phrase “cut out the middleman” used to describe streamlining services and making it more efficient. In some cases that might be a great idea, but not always.
As a contractor, ensuring that you are getting paid for the work you are doing is a serious concern. When both parties understand payment terms, and you are being paid, problems feel a mile off, or if you are working for an agency this will often be taken care of on your behalf.
A big problem facing many large businesses is finding ways to effectively manage contractor workers. The complexities of organising and managing large numbers of contractor workers can sometimes maximize the work load by having multiple suppliers. However, managed correctly outsourcing your contractor management, reducing your supply chain is beneficial to all parties involved. Below, we will discuss how using a Contractor Management Service can help you improve outcomes from outsourcing this process
Skillbase Contractor Management Services Ltd (SCMS) offers contract, compliance and timesheet payment services to clients who engage directly with Contract and Freelance workers (contractors/contingency or interim workers). These services provide adequate protection for all parties at low cost.