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Why you need the middleman?

You will often hear the phrase “cut out the middleman” used to describe streamlining services and making it more efficient. In some cases that might be a great idea, but not always.

When it comes to contingency and contract workers, there can be multiple benefits and necessities to parties on both sides in adding a “middleman”.

Benefits to company:

  • Protection from employment legislation

Employing contractors for too long can cause you to run into difficulties, especially with employment legislation and rights. Contractors can start to earn rights the longer they work for you, which can lead to extra costs of employing them, amongst other difficulties.

When you use a contractor management service, you break the employment chain. This means that the contractors are not technically working for your business, and gives you greater flexibility with respect to their contract status.

  • One Supply line

Only one supplier to pay rather than multiple companies in your supply chain.  Understanding your Accounts payable process ensuring accurate invoicing procedures are followed

  • Online timesheet submission and approval system

Often, when you’re employing contractors or people on a piece of work basis, you start to question how long they spend doing certain tasks. With SCMS, this is no longer an issue. We offer an online timesheet and approval system, so you always know what your contractors are up to, and for how long.

  • Happy Contingency Workforce

All your contingency workers will have a point of contact for any issues or support they may need. We ensure they are paid within 7 days of timesheet processing, we then invoice you the client keeping the process seamless for your contract workers.

  • Continuity of Services

We run a weekly report on all contract workers with less than 4 weeks to go before contract expiration, we then report back to you the client, giving you that window needed to extend the contract should you wish.

  • Full background checks: Identity, financial, criminal

A lot of the time when you’re looking to employ a contractor or contingency worker, you are doing it to save the time or cost of employing a full worker. If you do full background checks on each contingency worker you employ, you start eating into the time and cost benefit of the contractor.

Conveniently, all contractors that work with SCMS have already had a full identity, financial and criminal background check, so you can be sure of who you have working for you.

Benefits to contractor:

  • Indemnity insurance

If you’re a business or person who regularly gives advice or professional services to other businesses, it’s vital to consider Professional Indemnity Insurance. Professional Indemnity Insurance covers you in case you give advice to a business that causes them monetary loss.

This is especially important if you are a consultant, where the advice you give can have a significant impact on big business decisions. If you find contractor work through SCMS, you’re already covered so there’s no need to look for your own insurance.

  • Prompt payment

If you’re a contractor, you’ll know some agencies are much better at paying than others. Sometimes you can be put in a tight financial situation because of late payment from a client.

At SCMS, we appreciate the difficulty this can cause, and is why we have an automatic time sheet and payment system, we pay within 7 days of timesheet processing.

Once you have submitted your timesheet and it has been approved, you will receive prompt payment for your work.

  • Local compliance all over the world

As is the nature of contingency and contract work, you can be working for companies all around the world. The laws and rights that apply employees vary from country to country, and it can be tough to keep up with all of this by yourself.

At SCMS we have the specialist local knowledge required to ensure local compliance all over the world, so wherever you are, we have you covered.

If you think you or your business could benefit from a contractor management service, please do not hesitate to contact Skillbase Contractor Management Services on 01322 310 33, or email us at