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Breaking the Employment Chain

A big problem facing many large businesses is finding ways to effectively manage contractor workers. The complexities of organising and managing large numbers of contractor workers can sometimes maximize the work load by having multiple suppliers. However, managed correctly outsourcing your contractor management, reducing your supply chain is beneficial to all parties involved. Below, we will discuss how using a Contractor Management Service can help you improve outcomes from outsourcing this process.

Reducing admin

A large part of hiring a new contractor worker is taken up by admin work. Writing up a contract, adding them to your payroll, and the various other tasks that must be done before a contractor can start can take up a lot of time. With a contract management service, all this work is taken care of for you, so you can focus on what is important and can get your contractor starting straight away.

Increased Efficiency

Using a contractor management service will streamline the entire outsourcing employment process, saving you time and money at every step. A contractor management service can take care of contracts, admin, payment, suppliers and the general organisation of your contingency work force. If the contractor management services are doing these tasks for you, it frees up time for you to focus on other business activities.

Breaks the Employment chain

As the contractors are engaged directly by the contractor management service, the employment chain is broken this means that the contractor managers are responsible for the contractor, and provides protection from employment legislation and legal responsibility. The extra layer of protection can save the company difficulty in disputes and disagreements as the contractor management company is aware of the upstate compliance laws globally.

More reliable contractors

When you use a contractor management service, you know that the contractors have already been screened and are fit for work. Contractor management services will have also done background checks, so you can be assured that the contractors are who they say they are.

As providers of contingency work force management solutions all aspects of onboarding, compliance and payroll is streamlined as they can manage multiple recruitment companies on your behalf that may not be on your preferred supply list. You only engage with one supplier your contractor management company.

This management style also provides the contractor with some employment security, where they don’t have to find work themselves.

Reducing costs

All the above benefits of contractor management will save you money when you are planning on outsourcing work. As the saying goes, time is money, and contractor management will certainly save you time. Being able to employ contractors without having to worry about any admin, management, payroll and other inconveniences enables you to spend time on more important tasks for your business.

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