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Corporate Management Solutions for Contract, Freelance and Contingency Workers RPO & CMO Solutions

Services Provided

Skillbase Contractor Management Services Ltd (SCMS) offers contract, compliance and timesheet payment services to clients who engage directly with Contract and Freelance workers (contractors/contingency or interim workers). These services provide adequate protection for all parties at  low cost.

For independents, contractors or freelancers who have sourced their own contract, but who need an agency to work through for legislative and protection reasons, we are able to provide full agency services at a very low cost. Get more information from the Candidate Area.


We provide the following key services, all at a low cost:

  • Legal compliant contracts
  • Protects against employment legislation by breaking the employment chain
  • Tax and local domestic compliance
  • Full Background checks, Identity,Financial , Criminal.
  • Online timesheet submission and approval system
  • Prompt payment to workers upon timesheet submission
  • Service desk care line
  • Travel and hotel booking assistance
  • Full professional indemnity insurance


We consistently offer an extremely high level of service and our clients know that they can rely on us to provide their workers with high-quality support and representation.

We have the specialist local knowledge required to ensure local compliance all over the world. Wherever you are, so are we.

Electronic Timesheet Approval Capability
We use an online timesheet approval system as standard, meaning that timesheets can be approved or queried within an instant.
Remote contingency worker timesheets can now be approved instantly wherever in the world they may be based.